Travelling Alone Tips

Travelling alone will make a wonderful experience, and everyone should do this in their lives at least once. When travelling alone, we can decide wherever we want and not limited to the plans of others. Not only that, we will be more likely to interact with new people and even make new friends when we travel alone. However, for travelling alone, we should not forget the preparation of various things. That way, pay attention to five tips for you who want to travel alone:

First. Make a schedule list and give a copy to our family or friends, and let them know if there are any changes to our schedule. It is important that our family or friends keep track of where we are if something happens (hopefully not).

Second. Keep money in a safe place. Take out enough money and keep money in safe places, including bank cards. Do not spend all the money you have what else counting in front of strangers.

Third. Do not tell strangers if we are travelling alone to avoid something dangerous for ourselves. If they ask, say that you are waiting for your family or friends to come or you are travelling with a group.

Fourth. Avoid the use of clothing that stands out or attracts the attention of many people or clothing that does not fit the place we visit. Do not also wear expensive jewellery or show that is carrying valuables, this would be a target or target of crime.

Fifth. Do not show expensive gadgets, like phones, cameras, and more. In the sights, there will always be thieves lurking tourists. Do not always take out or view expensive gadgets that are brought, keep them in a bag or place closed if not needed. In addition, you should not receive any packages from strangers, including food or drink.

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Airplane Travel Tips

Do you plan to travel abroad? What transportation will you use? If you intend to use airplane, read this article first, and get the tips.

– Come Early to Airport

Better come early to the airport, than late. Time and distance to the airport or station must be taken into account. At most you must arrive 2 hours before the international departure time. From there plus the travel time from home, the risk of loss should be a consideration as well. In the end, you should leave home 2-4 hours before departure to be safe. Better to wait than late.

– Do not Get Stuck on Transit at the Airport

Some flights require us to transit at the airport before continuing the journey. Sometimes, transit can take several hours. During transit, you can take a walk around the airport. But there are many things to watch out for. First, make sure first where our departure gate next. How far gate it can be reached by foot. From there you can measure how far you can roam the airport. Do not let the fun and enjoy the airport facilities, then you forget to board the plane. If you are traveling alone bring headphones to watch a movie. trust me if you get stuck to someone you don’t want to talk to you will be glad you had these. But keep your mind open to meeting new people. One of the most interesting conversations I had was on a flight to Maui with a guy that was a carpet cleaner. So don’t rule people out too early.

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Arrange Travel Itinerary

Before leaving for travelling, it is better to make itinerary first in order to travel more efficient and more focused. Try compiled, how long the holiday time, and how many destinations that can be visited. Nearby destinations can be collected for all to visit. Arrange the directional route from one place to another in order and not back and forth.

On the day of departure, it is crucial. Make a reminder on the phone so you get notification of departure time. Recall the date of your departure, then what time the train and plane schedules are. From there, calculate the time needed from home to the airport or train station. Passport, print out booking airfare or train, as well as print out hotel booking, are some important documents that we carry while travelling. Do not miss.

Therefore, check your documents at least once before leaving. Rather than having reached the airport or train station and instead regretted later due to forgetfulness. If necessary, collect all the documents in one place. Store in a place that is easy to remember and reach inside the backpack.

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Things to Prepare Before Traveling

The closer to the end of the year, of course, you have prepared a travel plan from afar. Mature preparation will make you more comfortable during the holidays without significant interruption. Problems can arise when you are in a hurry to prepare for the holidays. Starting from ordering tickets, packing onion innate, to get around tourist destinations have to be planned well. In order for your exciting tour the following six things you should prepare before leaving for the holidays.

– Booking flight unidirectional

If you are planning a vacation visit some places, make sure you choose a one-way flight. This is to minimise budget. If the area is one and the other is not too far away and can be reached by land line, you can choose one flight only one direction, then continue with road trip or sea. Besides being more efficient, you can also enjoy different holiday trips.

– Prepare tickets ahead of time

When you want to vacation abroad, of course, you need to collect the money first. Preparing tickets from afar may help you reduce flight costs.

– Choose clothes that make it easy

You can sort the clothes you will carry. To make it easier for you to carry luggage during the holidays, make sure you choose a multifunctional clothing and not as tangled as jeans, sweaters, t-shirts.

– Use digital directions

With the development of technology, your holiday trip is also facilitated. You can use google maps that make it easy when looking for tourist destinations. When you land look for wifi then look for places of interest you want to visit. You can turn off roaming data so that it saves you more spending.

– Classify luggage

In order for all your luggage to carry and enter into the suitcase, classify and arrange your luggage well. Such as makeup tools, toiletries, accessories, and more. In addition, it also makes it easier for you when you arrive at a vacation spot. Have a good vacation.

– Complete all tasks

To avoid uninterrupted travel by phone and email related to work, complete all tasks before flying. This way, you can turn off the roaming data and take a vacation and break from the workload.

A vacation is certainly a place everyone is looking forward to, but accommodation is one of the most common problems when planning it. For that, all the preparations we have described above should be done to avoid excess costs.

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